Phase 2: Corrective Care

Corrective Care Is A Team Effort

Doctor and patient working together - chiropractic corrective care The elimination of acute pain and other symptoms in phase one (relief care) is but a first step.

Without additional therapy, the condition will likely recur - perhaps soon. It is also likely that the damage will be exacerbated, recovery may take longer, and the prospects of a full recovery may be lost.

Chiropractic visits during the corrective / restorative phase of treatment are less frequent. As you heal and strengthen, the therapies administered may change. You may be assigned new exercises to perform at home.

Also during this phase, you may be advised of certain aids that you may find beneficial or helpful. These can include supports, exercise apparati, or dietary supplements. Kura Chiropractic may make these available in office for your convenience, or you may get them through your own sources.

It is common in this phase of healing to have minor set backs. Sometimes we forget and over-exert ourselves. Other times, we may just twist into an odd position. Remember, your entire body is re-adjusting.

Do not be discouraged. If you think back to how you felt before you started chiropractic treatment, you will quickly realize that you are much better now than when you started. Continue with your treatment and exercise regimens, and you will continue to recover.