What to Expect

Your First Chiropractor Visit

You are coming to us for a reason. Either you are in pain, or you are looking to continue chiropractic care after moving to the area or switching doctors.

  • Perhaps you've sought out other types of treatment and it hasn't brought you any noticable or lasting relief.
  • Perhaps surgeons have offered you expensive and risky surguries, and you aren't convinced or ready for the risk.
  • Perhaps you are tired of taking medication that only serves to dull your wits and feeling tired.

On your first visit to Kura Chiropractic you will get to know us, and we'll get to know you.

  • You'll undergo a comprehensive evaluation that includes tests for range of motion, areas of soreness, strength, and nerve sensitivity.
  • Your lifestyle, habits, activities, and perhaps diet will be discussed.
  • We'll discuss what you can expect from your treatement at Kura Chiropractic: how soon you will start to feel better, how soon you will have complete recovery, and what you will have to do to contribute to your own recovery.
  • You may be directed to other practitioners such as neurologists or radiologists for evaluation or testing.

And you'll get your first adjustment

The start of the first phase of chiropractic care . . .

Phase 1: Relief Care - The First Phase

The first course of action is to get you some relief. There is usually some tissue inflammation associated with your condition that will require some self treatment at home following office treatment. Your ailment may require several visits and span over several weeks depending upon its severity. Often, a weekly visit is sufficient.

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Corrective/Restorative Care - The Second Phase

The corrective phase of treatment requires less frequent visits to the office. Your progress is monitored. Exercises may be assigned to strengthen your supporting musculature. Corrective care continues until your body has recovered from the injury, so that you are not at risk of relapse or re-injury.

The frequency and duration of this phase depends upon your condition and risk level.

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Wellness Care - Phase 3

Although not required, many patients elect to continue with periodic adjustments. They find that they feel better and that it helps to avoid problems in the future. The frequency of visits in the wellness phase is based on personal preference, and aligned with lifestyle and goals.

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